Low Impact Alliance
Low Impact Alliance

The LIA Online Forum

A supportive and inspiring online community for running retailers on the path to sustainability.

Finally, an online community for likeminded runners.

The Low Impact Alliance online forum is a place for retailers, runners, and brands to support each other on our path to make the running industry more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

What To Expect

This online forum is a place for you to engage, support, inspire, and get educated in ways to promote sustainability in your community and beyond.

Make New Friends.
Connect with likeminded runners and find members in your area.

Be the first to hear about upcoming events, webinars, and LIVEs right here on the online forum. Access exclusive content only available to our forum members.

Speak Up.
Engage with big running brands and industry leaders about the changes you want to see in the industry.

Get Inspired.
See what others are doing in their community and create a game plan for your own.

Be a Part of Something Big.
Witness firsthand the power your voice has in pressuring big companies to make big moves in sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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